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About Us

Desert Moon Review is fortunate to have a great staff behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly.

James D. Corner is founder and Publisher. He's a constant presence and guiding hand.

Christopher T. George is the Editor of Desert Moon Review and brings his vision - he believes a poem can be written about any subject and that the mission of poets should be to entertain, to enlighten, and to humanize the world.

Mustansir Dalvi, Trace Estes, Bill Flewelling and David Benson are Associate Editors. Their valuable input as administrators and as poets make them an indispensable part of the team.

Learn more about them, and others, below.

James D. Corner, Publisher

Poets helping poets is our mission.

I've learned much about writing and critiqing poetry in the three years Desert Moon Review has been on line. I critique almost every day and write poems at least once each week. During this time I've had poetry accepted by ezines, newspapers, and write monthly poems for Disicples.org Disciples Today, in retrospect I've become their poet in residence.

I have a Master's Degree with a double major in English and Philosophy. My thesis treats British contemporary poetry and its growing affirmation after World War II.

I reside in Mesa, Arizona, just west of The Superstition Mountains with my wife, Kathy, and Trudy, our Dobe/Rot mix. I'm enjoying my retirement as clergy of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), but remain active as Elder and Co-Leader of Faith Development of Chalice Christian Church, Gilbert, Arizona, along with the real leader, Kathy.

This site is dedicated to you, the poets and readers.


Jim Corner, Publisher

Christopher T. George, Editor

Chris George was born in Liverpool, England, in 1948. He is now a U.S. citizen and a 34-year resident of Baltimore, Maryland, where he lives with his wife Donna and two cats, Mamie and Leonard, near the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus.

Chris works full-time as a medical editor in Washington, DC. He has been writing and publishing poetry since he attended Loyola College, Baltimore, and studied with Sister Maura Eichner at the College of Notre Dame, as well as with poets Elliot Coleman and Marion Buchman. His poems have appeared in numerous publications in the United States and Great Britain. He is also a published historian and a lyricist for a new musical, Jack-The Musical, about Jack the Ripper.

Mustansir Dalvi, Associate Editor

Mustansir Dalvi is an architect and a teacher. He is a Professor of Architecture in Bombay, India. His poem Peabody was awarded 1st Place in the December 2002 InterBoard Poetry Competition (IBPC). Choosing Trains was awarded First Prize in the Indian national daily Asian Age's Poetry Contest in 2001.

Mustansir Dalvi's poems are published in the e-zines Octavo: Poetry Quarterly of the Alsop Review, MiPo Digital magazine,The Writer's Hood, Can We Have Our Ball Back, Pierian Springs, The Crescent Moon Journal, and Bakery of the Poets. His poems have appeared in print in The Brown Critique, Poetry India: voices of silence, Poiesis: A Journal of the Poetry Circle Bombay, and Poetry India: emerging voices.

Trace Estes, Associate Editor

Trace lives in the Shadows and likes the view. For thirty-five years, he has been forced to write every day by a pissed-off Muse with a gun. The gun prodding has been effective, as Mr. E has recent publications in Real Eight View, WORM #34, kaleidowhirl, a number of Crescent Moon Journals, The Centrifugal Eye, Tilt and the print anthology Mind Mutations. He has been involved with the online poetry community for the last five years. He stays in the background on many boards, out of sight. And, donít worry about that presence you feel looking over your shoulder. Mr. E hasnít hurt anyone in years. As far as you know.

Bill Flewelling, Associate Editor

A minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for thirty years, poetry has been a growing part of my interest for twenty years or so. For me, the fun of poetry lies passing poems along to those who occasion them and delving into what is going on in the poems I read.

I currently live in rural West Virginia with my wife, an aging dog and a cat. Our five daughters are grown, four of them married and scattered widely. We are accumulating grandchildren, the seventh now pending.

David Benson, Associate Editor

I don't talk about myself in the third person, not even when I'm drunk.

I write poetry under my own name as well as a pseudonym. The latter is an angry Femdom who delights in tormenting the miniscule male mind. She is vicious in her critiques. I am not.

My own poetry -- that is, poems by David Benson or Bloodfetish -- are explorations of my confusion. Religion confuses me. Bigotry confuses me. Honor killings confound me. I use poetry to explore how I feel about these things. In many ways my poetry is rooted in frustration and anger.

I am not who I appear to be. The face people see day to day is not me. I recreate myself: I am the ink on my back, the story of a modern-day Medusa. A little more ink each time I can afford to spend $100 an hour. (If you're going to pay for pain, make sure it lasts. Mine will be with me forever.)

I have published poetry in quite a few print and online zines. I don't want to talk about that anymore. Send me something to read.


Monitors at DMR

Our monitors play a valuable role in keeping things running smoothly on a daily basis. They play referee, make sure every posting gets some attention, and keep the community thriving.

Tracy Estes - Sunday

Sarah Sloat - Monday

Guy Kettelhack - Tuesday

Christopher George - Wednesday

Yolanda Calderon-Horn - Thursday

Marie Gail Stratford - Friday

Bill Flewelling - Saturday