poetry ezine of the desert moon review

Mustansir Dalvi

Itís been a long winter, pushing the very edge of spring.

Our Poetry Competition explores the theme of winter and wintering. Our congratulations to the winners- Nancy Haiduck, Ron Lavalette and Jude Goodwin, and to the honorable mentions - Darran Anderson and Joyce Nower. They are our "red haired boys, who let their talent spill into the brilliant night" (to paraphrase from Jude Goodwinís lovely poem). We especially appreciate the efforts of our judges Arlene Ang and Bernard Henrie.

In this issue we also commemorate the first live meet of the Desert Moon Review in Philadelphia, where several of our family presented their very best in an atmosphere of warmth and appreciation. Both our publisher Jim and editor Chris have poems celebrating the event: A "discovery" (in Jimís words) "of actual identity for a virtual fellowship of poets." Hereís looking forward to the next meet, already in the planning.

As in every issue, we showcase the poems of our members and staff. Here under the Crescent Moon, words have begun to push their way out of dry bark, green tongues exploring like a loverís deep kiss. You canít ignore their many probings, but you can, if you choose, give in.

Mustansir Dalvi
Bombay, India