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Desert Moon Review is a closed poetry board. This means that you have to apply, and must be accepted before you can begin to post your writing or critiques.

Please check out our board guidelines before applying. These are the rules by which we govern the workshop.

If you would like to join, please send the following information:

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*Must be Researchable (Connected in some way to poetry as a topic)

To: desertmoonreview@yahoo.com

Your registration will be processed as soon as possible and confirmed by email. With registration you will receive access to the poetry board, email copies of The Crescent Moon Journal and MoonNotes. Please read the Getting Started section for our guidelines for posting. Welcome to Desert Moon Review!

Note: If you are just starting along the path of poetry and you think your name unresearchable, feel free to send the Administration three of your poems in the body of your email. (Attachments won't be opened.)