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The Crescent Moon Journal

is the literary magazine of the Desert Moon Review poetry workshop and discussion Board.


Hello, Everyone!

Desert Moon Review is proud to announce Crescent Moon Journal 6th Anniversary Edition, featuring the winners of our DMR Spring contest: justin sirois and Shawn Nacona Stroud. Also featured are the Pablo Neruda contest winners Laurie Byro, Yolanda Calderon-Horn, and Rick Storey.

We also include poems by our accomplished members and staff. Thanks go to our issue editor, Mustansir Dalvi, for his usual excellence in choosing our featured poetry.

As we look back over six years of creativity and service, we would also like to take a moment to thank Jim Corner, our publisher. Without his vision and dedication none of this would have been possible.

To all our members, interested readers, and supporters:



Past issues of the reposted Crescent Moon Journal are available in both HTML and PDF (see below.) You need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4 or higher to view .PDF files. You can download this viewer for free from the Adobe website.

Cresent Moon Journal - Fall 2006

Crescent Moon Journal - Winter 2006
Crescent Moon Journal - Spring 2005
Crescent Moon Journal - Winter 2005 (HTML) Winter 2005 (pdf format, 766k)
Crescent Moon Journal - Summer04 (HTML)
Crescent Moon Journal - Fall 2003 (HTML) Fall 2003 (pdf format, 727k)
Crescent Moon Journal - Spring 2003 (HTML) Spring 2003 (pdf format, 915k)
Crescent Moon Journal - Spring 2002 (HTML)
Crescent Moon Journal - June 2001 (HTML)

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